Tuesday, 28 October 2008

illustration friday: REPAIR

I've not posted for a number of weeks due to the fact that I've been doing alot of work on this book, the lighthouse children, which i've just finished.

The book is about 2 children and their dog who live in a lighthouse, one day a big storm comes and wrecks a fishermans boat, the children save the day. Is pretty much the story in a nutshell.

I'm clutching at straws abit this week as to how to fit my illustration in with the topic, but i guess the fishermans boat is now certinaly in need of a repair.


Tuesday, 23 September 2008

IF: clique

taken from the book i'm currently writing / making / drawing called the lighthouse children. thought i'd have a bash at one.

alex and jasper the dog have just gone for a walk and go to visit the owl trees. here are the owls.

thought it fitted quite nicely with the clique theme this week.


Wednesday, 3 September 2008

MEMORIES: illustration friday

this weeks entry is very late, i was dangerously close to just leaving it and waiting for next weeks topic but i thought i may as well have a do.

i struggled coming up with an idea for my drawing, there have been numerous sort of personal memories i've done doodles of but none of them really worked very well so i figured i'd just go for a more general interpretation.

i thought that an elephant would best sum up the idea of memories, if they never forget and can live up to 70 years i think they probably have more than most.