1 SAM CALDWELL.: June 2010

Monday, 21 June 2010

Minor Man

Here are the paintings I promised. I thoroughly enjoyed working with such a strong narrative and mood, it made my job pretty easy and I'd like to think that these have a bit more depth to them than usual.

You can hear the music here. We recorded it all in my bedroom, very lo-tech with the help from another friend. Alex wrote and performed all of the songs and we just added the extra instrumentation. She also has a facebook page.

Friday, 18 June 2010

Frosty Discipline

I always think it's really interesting when people post up photos of where they work and of their sketchbooks. Unfortunately this isn't really where I'd usually work and it's not my sketchbook. So it wouldn't be fair to judge. Potentially interesting all the same?

I've been working on some possible covers for my friend Alex's E.P which I have just helped her to record. I will post proper scans and a link to the music when I get home later this week. I'm sure you will love it. The music that is.

In other news, the weather is perfect at the moment and I'm hoping that the weekend will be spent by the rivers and lakes and filled with barbecues and beer gardens.

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Rust House

Buildings are a bugger. Straight lines and perspective and logic don't like me I think. Jenny Smith nails buildings beautifully, as is the same with everything else she draws.

Sam Bosma

Sam Bosma is bloody marvelous. I love everything about his work at the moment. He's got such a knack for full environments and scenes, the detail is immense. He works digitally, which isn't usually something I'm all that into, but he manages to pull it off so well and give it a really organic, natural finish. His recent Hobbit stuff for the Picture Book Report is really excellent. Look out for the posts about his process, they're fascinating.

Monday, 7 June 2010

Walthamstow Marshes

Not to say that I'm tired of drawing people, I just think I spend too much time doing it, so I've decided to work on some landscapes for a change. I worked from a screen shot of a Temper Trap video. I'm not really a fan of the band, but the video (aside from the awful CGI crow) is excellent.

I think I might go for a drive next time the sky is gloomy to do some drawings of the moors round my way. They're much more interesting than these marshes in London. Very Wuthering Heights, I promise.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

Workshop for Children

Atelier pour enfants is a blog I've been meaning to talk about for a while. I can't remember where I found it, but I'm extremely glad I did. It's full of the most amazing children's book illustrations in the world. Like these by Leonard Weisgard.
It's very much in french and I don't understand a word of what's going on, or anything about who runs it etc.. But nevertheless it is a constant source of inspiration. 

"The Dead Bird" by Remy Charlip.