1 SAM CALDWELL.: September 2009

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Illustration Friday - Pattern

As a part of my new motivated lifestyle, I am forcing myself to post on illustration friday every week. Admittedly, it is now Wednesday, but never the less, here it is!

I'm not especially pleased with it, and wish I'd have painted the backgound properly myself instead of doing it digitally. The background is actually a William Morris wallpaper design gone blue.

I promise a more thought through entry next week.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

"What I Wore Today" (but for yesterday)

I heard about "What I Wore Today" from my favourite illustrator at the moment Lizzy Stewart's blog. I thought it was a really good way of making me try to draw something everyday, so I thought I'd give it a go. I will put it up on the flickr group when I get home from food shopping with my mum.

College Work

This is my final painting from one of my college assignments not last year, but the year before. It was supposed to be infulenced by Georgia O'Keefe, obviously :) I'm quite proud of it so I thought I'd share.

Andy Kehoe


I have been following Andy Kehoe's work for a while now. I came across him from browsing the Tiny Showcase archives. (I say this as if he's some undiscovered artist, but I'm guessing he's probably doing allright for himself actually.)

I really love the colours he uses and the way he often contrasts his background with the subjects. He always seems to paint skies brilliantly too. Oh oh oh and I love the way he draws spirits and ghosts aswell - perfect.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


These are a few sketches I did a couple of months ago. Not really sure what they're about to
be honest...

Kings and Queens

Jamie T has just relased his new album Kings and Queens, which is ridiculously good. I've got it on permanently at the moment so I thought I'd share abit of classic Treays in the form of Back In The Game. Big choon.


I thought I might do a book involving foxes. Mainly because I can't draw children at all, but also because I'm re-reading all the Roal Dahl books at the moment - I'm currently on Fantastic Mr. Fox.

The Drums

I did a few drawings last week, straight from the pages of an old NME magazine. I came across a band called The Drums. I only did some drawings from the pictures because the band we're so interesting looking, but it turns out aswell, they make really good music.

They're playing a couple of gigs in Manchester late October which I will be sure to get down to.

I'm going to do this properly. Twit Twoo

I'm in full organization mode from now on, no longer shall time be wasted, facebook will be replaced with drawing and iPlayer with writing new songs. My gap year has offically begun, I am offically unemployed, on the dole and therefore a proper musician, and I am determined to make the most of my time.

I tried to start my new routine last night by going to tesco and spending all the pennies and coppers I have lying around my room; get myself some nice new fineliners, maybe a few notebooks, a pencil or two. Turns out I only had £2.27 which went as far as a pack of tesco value pencils and a packet of jelly tots. Not the best of starts I'll admit.

Many lists have been made on how to conquer the world in a year and so far I have checked off two - 'Get blogging' and 'Listen to a new album everyday'.

As far as drawing is concerned, I am going to start a picture diary sort of thing everynight, and write many books. Illustration Friday everyweek and start painting more.

I'm guessing that this burst of motivation will run out by Saturday, but until then, I'm sticking to being ambitious.