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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Author Zines

I have spent the weekend hunched over a desktop printer, screaming and declaring war on it as it stubbornly refuses to do what it's told. Here is a small snippet of the results. They we're originally intended to be cheap and cheerful zines containing a portrait of the author and an interesting something they once said, but I got too proud of them in the process and they've come out a bit posher than expected.

You will be able to buy them from Ruby Blue in Carlisle in the coming weeks, and I may look into putting them on etsy.


Hannah T said...

they look lovely!

Kristyna litten said...

like the card you printed them on, is that just using an inkjet?

umbrella head said...

thanks! the printer wouldn't print on the card properly, so the covers are hand painted. the inside is printed using an inkjet, yeah.