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Thursday, 9 September 2010

Hello England my old friend

Hello! I am very glad to be back on English shores once more. Many apologies for the long absence, I did plan to post a few bits and bobs whilst I was away but I never found the time or the scanners.

I didn't draw anywhere near as much as I'd have liked to, but here are a few of the few scrappy sketches I did. I am looking forward to settling into a new painting tomorrow and getting back into my familiar drawing routines.

In other news, I'm moving to Edinburgh on Saturday to study at the Edinburgh College of Art. I must admit, I'm very excited. I've missed having proper projects set for me and art teachers and other students and free paint so it'll be lovely to get back to.

Above are some drawings of 2 elderly women from the villages around Sapa, North Vietnam. They had proper gnarled skin. The palm leaf bits are creations of our boat driver and the glasses are just there because they're really cool.


genie espinosa said...

superb! i do really like your style!! that's a good move, change city and tart studying again! please tll you oppinions!

.ruby blue. said...

welcome back :)

littlebirdbigcity said...