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Friday, 29 July 2011

Drawing Sale

'Dal Lake' - 21cm x 30cm - £20 ex. p&p

'Col Sar' - 21cm x 30cm - £25 ex. p&p

'Old Raj Houses' - 21cm x 30cm - £25 ex. p&p

'Mountains and Clouds' - 21cm x 30cm - SOLD

I've made some of the drawings I did whilst I was in India into some larger, proper drawings. I really shouldn't have gone to India because I really didn't have the money and that means that now I've got to do things like this, which I'm not entirely sure how comfortable I am about, to keep my paint box stocked up. 
If anyone is interested in buying any drawings from me then don't hesitate to ask, email me at pop_shuvit(at)msn.com and I'll get back to you as soon as.


kp said...

you could/should charge more for such lovely pictures, they're original drawings rather than prints..

umbrella head said...

I know, but I felt like I had made them specifically to sell and I need some fast cash!