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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Bucks and Does

This is a drawing I did a couple of months ago for a zine/collective thing called Bucks and Does I'm involved in. I've basically just tagged along with all the cool people in the first year illustration group and have managed to get myself a double page in what looks like a very nice zine.

I haven't actually seen the printed thing but they will be for sale during the festival up in Edinburgh for around a fiver. It's all hand bound and printed, with quite an eclectic mix of work in there.

I think the plan is to release one bi-monthly or something like that based on a rhyming title. I belive Bro's and Hoes is next.

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Anna Poems said...

You should submit this to thingsorganizedneatly.tumblr.com, I think he'd jump on it! Plus he has thousands of followers, so it would get your work some extra attention. :)
By the way, this is Anna, the girl who loves your fisherman (which I finally hung in my living room, yay. :) ). Glad to see you've got another print up on the working proof - I'm still a huge fan! :)