1 SAM CALDWELL.: Twenty Four Hour Drawing

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Twenty Four Hour Drawing

Last week I did 24 hours of drawing. I started on Thursday at midday and finished same time Friday. It was pretty hard going but I got tonnes of work out of it and it did make me feel like a 14 year old, staying up all night for no good reason. Which was fun. A couple of friends dropped in and out and did some stuff with me too, their work is up on the wall as well.
A very big thank you to Rosie Ellis for taking the photos.


Saga said...

Love this! I tried something similar in june, but I didn't manage to stay awake the whole time. I did get some pretty good work out of it though. Just making, not thinking/planning/analyzing to much. Maybe I should try it again soon?

umbrella head said...

I'm planning to do another soon. Next time I want more People to get involved and to end up with thousands of drawings.