1 SAM CALDWELL.: Night Fox

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Night Fox

A little comic strip I made today about a fox wandering the streets. I'm really enjoying working in this format but I kind of feel like I should make it a touch more graphic? Hopefully, if I get enough done I'll be able to put a wee zine together or something.


dasha t said...

oooh, nothing like critiques from strangers - but i just wanted to tell you that i'm really enjoying these new comix that you are working on and NOT MISSING THEM BEING MORE GRAPHIC ONE BIT! there are so many "graphic" comix out there, and there is no reason you need to be too [unless of course it's something you really really want to be.] but anyway, these are great! and painted comix are the best - just look at william goldsmith.

megan said...

I just found you & love you already! hee hee Seriously, wonderful work. Pleased to meet you.

umbrella head said...