Tuesday, 2 November 2010

So Far

I have been slacking majorly with this blog recently. I've done a whole project, doing new work every day, an exhibition and not one sign of a blog post. I'm very sorry and I'm going to say I'm going to try to update a bit more regularly.

I'm currently working on a new project titled 'So Far', the end result of which will be exhibited along with all the other first year's work at a gallery in Edinburgh on the 12th of November. It's going to dead good.

I'm focusing my work on how awkward and kind of lost I've felt at various points over the past couple of months. University has been a lot more difficult than I had anticipated and I think being put in an unexpected and sort of uncomfortable position is really interesting place to be. So I'm trying to do a painting of that, which turns out is really difficult to get down on paper.

My motive for the landscapes is sort of about feeling lost and overwhelmed, not in terms of being in a bustling crowd; It's felt much more thoughtful and reflective than that. I think it's been a bit like a misty bleak moor. The shapeless dark shapes in the corner are intended to make you feel slightly uncomfortable - this unrecognizable form that you can't say what it is. But I'm not sure it's getting that across too well really.


Anonymous said...

I get what you mean that it is really difficult to explain how the art makes you feel, but fantastically done, I thinks its my favourite of your art so far-keep up the awesome work. xx

I. said...

This is incredibly beautiful. What did you used for painting? I'm truly impressed.