1 SAM CALDWELL.: Three Weeks

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Three Weeks

This is something I've been working on today. I've been having a good think about what it is I want to say and I've decided that it's less about making the viewer feel uncomfortable and awkward and more just about putting them in a thoughtful kind of reflective, mellow place (which is at the same time a little unnerving.)

I noticed around the three week mark of last project and what was for most people their third week of living in a new place and not knowing anyone, that everyone kind of got a touch less enthusiastic and a bit quieter. I was no exception. I think it was the excitement wearing off and I was faced with the fact that as nice as all these new things and new people were, I kind of missed the comfort of home. I'm going to carry on working around that idea I think.

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